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Food, shops and bars

From morning coffee to happy hour, we've got everything covered on campus

Cafes, bars, coffee carts, bookstores and a computer store are just a few of the outlets that make our University feel like a small village.


Where to eat 唐山浩利久有限公司

A caffeine hit or snack between lectures can make all the difference to your concentration levels, so it’s a good thing we’ve got places to refuel throughout campus.

Our campuses have a variety of food outlets with student-friendly prices. Camperdown/Darlington has more than 30 places to eat, ranging from healthy juice bars to hearty pub meals.

Noodles, Mexican, sushi, baguettes, salads – whatever you’re looking for, we’ve probably got it. If we don’t, there are a few hundred cafes and restaurants within a few blocks of campus.


  • Carslaw Coffee Cart, Carslaw Building
  • A convenient one-stop-shop for snacks, confectionery, and hot and cold beverages.
  • Courtyard Restaurant and Bar, Ground Floor, Holme Building
    Mediterranean-inspired menu offers a range of pizza, pasta and salads, with gluten-free and vegetarian options. Australian wine and craft beers on tap.
  • Fisher Coffee Cart, outside Fisher Library
    Open seven days during semester for coffee, snacks and cold drinks.
  • Footbridge Station, Ground Floor, Holme Building
    Sandwiches, salads, pies and sausage rolls as well as cakes to go with barista-made coffee.
  • Forum Restaurant, Ground floor, Administration Building (F23)
    Open for breakfast and lunch, 7am to 7pm Monday to Friday. Forum also offers coffee, some takeaway options and a catering service for functions. To book a table or event at Forum, call 02 9351 4664 or book via email.
  • The Grandstand, No. 1 Oval, University of Sydney Blackburn Circuit
    Sports bar, bistro and function centre.
  • Lettucehead, Ground Floor, Manning House
    Serves a variety of salads, sandwiches, fruit salad, yogurt, wraps, baguettes, soups and beverages.
  • Manning Bar, Level 2, Manning House
    Offers entertainment as well as alcoholic beverages and pub style meals. Seating can be found inside and outside on the balcony.
  • Lucky's, Level 2, Manning House
    On the balcony next to Manning Bar. Offers pub-style meals with daily specials.
  • Manning Kiosk, Manning Road
    Located on Manning Road is Manning Kiosk with ready-made sandwiches, wraps, hot pastries, cakes, and hot and cold beverages.
  • Miso Honi, Ground Floor, Manning House
    Modern Asian including laksa, sushi, noodles, fried and steamed rice dishes, steamed dumplings, pad thai, teriyaki chicken, rice paper rolls and gyozas.
  • Ralph’s Café, Arena Sports Centre
    One of our renowned culinary icons, Ralph’s Café has been serving up home-style food and coffee to sleep-deprived students for more than 30 years. A popular choice is the Nutella cream croissants for an afternoon sugar hit.
  • Taste Baguette, Law School Annex
    Boutique roasted coffee, fresh baguettes made to order and a dangerously tempting selection of sweets. Conveniently located along Eastern Avenue, you can pick up lunch or coffee on your way to class.
  • Caffe Tra Baci, Ground Floor, Manning House
    Enjoy a barista-prepared Vittoria 100 percent Arabica coffee, a sweet treat, lunch or snack. Open daily from 8am all year round.
  • Xquisito, Ground Floor, Manning Courtyard
    Hot jacket potatoes, savoury and sweet crepes, smoothies, fresh juices and frappes.
  • Zabeli, Level 1, Manning House
    Bacon and eggs, toasted sandwiches, burgers, lasagne, pizza, hot chips and wedges, wraps, focaccias, risotto, cakes and coffee.


  • Abercrombie Terrace, Level 1, Abercrombie Building 
    Set within the University of Sydney Business School, Abercrombie Terrace specialises in single origin coffee and a rotating Asian inspired menu.
  • Belle Vie Cafe, Level 1, Wentworth Building
    Beautiful desserts, cakes and meals including burritos, turkish bread with chicken schnitzel or cheese and roast veggies, light and healthy wraps, fresh pork rolls with delicious filling and more.
  • Laneway, Level 3, Wentworth Building
    Freshly baked waffles, artisan breads, freshly ground sustainable coffee, cakes and gourmet sandwiches. The only place on campus with all day breakfast.
  • Hermann’s Bar, Wentworth Building
    A relaxed atmosphere in which to study or compute (wireless internet available) while enjoying a fine selection of beers, wine, hot beverages and food.
  • Jewel of India, Level 2, Wentworth Building
    Selection of hot Indian dishes, meats from the tandoor, roti rolls and sweets.
  • Little Asia, Level 2, Wentworth Building
    Modern Asian cuisine. Noodles, fried rice, steamed and wok fried dishes.
  • Raw, Level 2, Wentworth Building
    Healthy salads, rolls, juices and smoothies.
  • Snack Express, Level 2, Wentworth Building
    This outlet offers gourmet sandwiches, a range of pastries, pies and great coffee. Open at 7.30am for breakfast through to late all year.
  • Sushi Time, Level 1, Wentworth Building
    Sushi rolls, miso soup and more. 
  • Uni Brothers Kebabs, Level 2, Wentworth Building
    Kebabs, salads, hot chips, burgers, pide and pizza.
  • Cafe Azzuri, Plaza – Jane Foss Russell Building
    Savoury and sweet crepes.
  • Easyway Tea, Plaza – Jane Foss Russell Building
    Variety of beverages.
  • Parma Cucina and Bar, Shop 3, Plaza, Jane Foss Russell Building
    Sandwiches, coffee, hot meals, outdoor seating. Licensed.
  • Subway, Plaza, Jane Foss Russell Building
    Choose-your-own-filling sandwiches.
  • Ralph's Cafe on the Boardwalk, next to Co-op Bookstore
    Coffee, Asian cuisine, pizza, sandwiches.
  • Poolside Cafe, University Sports and Aquatic Centre
    Coffee, sandwiches and light meals. Open seven days.
  • Engineering Café, PNR Building, Maze Crescent
    Options include coffee, fresh salads, the weekly meal deal, hamburgers and more. Indoor and outdoor seating is available. 
  • The Hearth Café, Wilkinson Building, City Road
    Hot and cold beverages, sandwiches, wraps, cakes and pastries.
  • Daylight Savings Bar, Courtyard, Seymour Centre 
    Opens every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 5pm until late.
  • The Downstairs Bar, Sound Lounge, Seymour Centre
    An intimate bar with table seating and serves light pre-show snacks. It is also the perfect bar for post show drinks as three nights a week it is transformed into the Sound Lounge with live music Thursday to Saturday.
  • The Everest Bar, Seymour Centre
    With expansive floors and walls the Everest Bar hosts regular exhibitions of sculpture and painting curated by Defiance Gallery in Newtown. It is the perfect bar for pre- and post-show functions and is a favourite for opening and closing night parties.
  • The Coffee Cart, Main Foyer, Seymour Centre
    Open before shows, serving great coffee, light snacks and alcoholic beverages.
  • Music Café, Lower Level, Greenway Building, Macquarie Street
    Has inside seating and offers a weekly meal deal plus many other meal choices.
  • Music Café, Mezzanine Level, Greenway Building, Macquarie Street
    Features both inside and outside seating and a light modern café-style menu.


  • The JDV Food Court
    The place to chill out and grab a bite to eat, with an outlet to suit everyone. Open throughout semester.


  • Mallett Street Café
    Operates during semester and serves hot and cold drinks, light snacks and lunches.


  • The Café, Building 25
    The Café offers a comprehensive selection of hot and cold food and beverages, and seats up to 50 people outdoors in the adjacent courtyard.

Where to shop 遂宁佳巨浩有限公司

Looking for textbooks or uni equipment? Need a haircut or new glasses?

You’ll find plenty of ways to spend your time and money on the main campus, with dozens of retail outlets and services open all semester.


For university merchandise, including the standard-issue student hoodie, head to the USYD Store on the ground floor of Holme. You’ll find stationery, lab coats and equipment, as well as University-branded gifts and souvenirs. While you're in the Holme Building, check out Footbridge Station to top up your Opal card or buy stationery and snacks. 

On the Darlington side of campus, head to the USYD Store on Level 1 of the Jane Foss Russell plaza for snacks, stationery, news, more uni apparel and to top up your Opal card.

Many of our shops are managed by the University of Sydney Union (USU). For a full list of campus outlets, head to the USU website.

The Co-op is where you’ll find prescribed reading lists and textbooks. Rookie warning: queues during the first few weeks of semester are ridiculously long, and books for popular or mandatory subjects can sell out.

An alternative option is to check out the SRC Book Exchange, which sells (and buys) second-hand textbooks at a much cheaper price.

Save yourself time and buy online from the Co-op website. At the end of semester, you can sell them back to the Co-op after your exams.


General practitioners and emergency medical care are available at two University health centres on the Camperdown and Darlington campuses. They’re open Monday to Friday, and bulk billing is available for most types of appointments. Read more about the University Health Service.

A dental practice, chiropractor, optometristpharmacy and hairdressing salon are also available on the main campus.


Campus IT, Hi-Q Computers and Australia Post are on hand for all your on and offline communication needs.

Where to play 华蓥佳永弘科技有限公司

Even after the Welcome Week tents are packed away, there’s still a jam-packed calendar of events on and off-campus throughout semester to keep you entertained. Read more about them.

Wentworth, Manning House and Holme are the main social hubs on Camperdown Campus.

Keep your eyes open for free student magazines, posters and postcards with all the details on upcoming festivals, parties and events.

Need cash out? 白山贵浩亚机械有限公司

The big four banks are all represented on our main campus with ATMs, branches or both.

At the Wentworth Building, you’ll find the Commonwealth Bank and an NAB branch.

Westpac and ANZ have ATMs across campus, and there’s a rediATM in the Manning Building.

To find them all, see our online campus maps, and select 'ATMs' from the Amenities menu.

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